Mylopotas beach is the most visited beach in Ios Greece, located close to the main village, Chora. This is a long white beach with sunbeds for rent but also with some large and unexploited areas to lay your towel on for free. You will find many restaurants and drinking holes along the beach. Far Out Beach Club is located at the end of the it. If you have not gotten enough of the partying during the night then this is the place to continue to during the day since the beach party on Ios Greece is located at Far Out Club.
The view at Mylopotas Beach

Getting to Mylopotas

From the main village: You can either take the bus from Chora or walk for 20 minute down the hill. Walking down is easy, it is to go back up that is tough. There is a shortcut to the beach just after Hermes Hotel, where the main road makes a left turn. Continue straight forward and you will eventually find yourself on an old donkey track leading down to Mylopotas beach. This road used to be unpaved but is now both paved and equipped with stairs for easy access. I preferred it the old way with just a dirty and sand beaten track accompanied with the occasional massive rock making up the donkey steps. But Ios is always changing, unfortunately not always for the better.
From the port: It is highly recommended to take the bus to get to Mylopotas from the port. You could walk but then you first have to walk up to Chora and the back down on the other side. This is a tough 50 minutes walk in the heat of the summer sun on Ios. Especially if you have been out partying until 8 in the morning and only gotten a few hours of sleep. You also have the choice to stay on the beach at the port if you do not feel like going to Mylopotas. But do not spend all your days here, you will have to visit the largest beach on Ios at least once. It is considered to be on of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What to do on the beach

Mylopotas can offer many tourist oriented activities for visitors from all over the world. Water sports are always popular. Ride on different floating devices behind a speed boat. You are guarantied to fall of more than once. You can also go snorkeling and explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous restaurants to chose from when you get hungry. Many cater especially to tourist and the menus are far from Greek. But you can also find restaurants in Ios serving genuine Greek food. I would recommend you to visiting the fish restaurant at the end of the beach, after Far Out.
Far Out deserves a chapter of its own. This is the center point of all the daytime fun on Mylopotas beach and the meeting place for all party seeking travelers in Ios. One thing to take note of is that the sun beds are free here. The music is pumping through the speakers all day long, but the place is almost deserted before noon. Later the place is transformed into one large outdoor dance club on the beach as it is filling with people in the afternoon as they start to wake up from last nights fun ready to enjoy their holiday in Greece.

More about Ios

This site is mainly dedicated to Mylopotas Beach in Ios Greece. But the island has over 40 different beaches, some as large as Mylopotas, but not as exploited and overcrowded. Some are small and secluded so that you have great opportunities to find a beach all to yourself. Some are within walking distance from the village where most of the hotels are located while most are only accessible by car or boat. Ios Greece also has the best nightlife in Greece with many bars and nightclubs located in the old village of Ios.

Who visits Ios Greece

Ios is very popular as a tourist destination during the summer. You will meet many people from Australia, Ireland, Italy and Sweden here. But also people from many other countries in Europe and North America are coming to Ios Greece. The island is very popular among young people seeking fun around the clock. Ios is famous for its intense nightlife that goes on all night long and continues long after that the sun has risen again.