Far Out

Far Out is located at the very end of the Mylopotas beach. It is made up of four separate parts and has something for all kind of tourists visiting the island regardless if you are looking for a none stop party or if you want a more relaxing holiday on this beautiful island in the Aegean Sea.

  • /gallery/beach/big10.jpgFar Out Beach Club is the center of the daytime activities on the beach. It is open for everyone and has lots of free sun beds and two large pools for you to enjoy. If you like to take part in a beach party then this is the place to go in the afternoon. The beach club comes to life as people start to wake up from last nights fun in the village. The music is pumping and you can dance into the evening. The place is always filled with party loving people during the high season. Take part in the Swedish Midsummer Party if you are here in the end of June. It is one of the greatest experiences on the island.
  • Camping and BungalowsFar Out Camping and Bungalows┬áis right next to the Beach Club and right next to Mylopotas. This is a perfect place to stay on a budget vacation as prices for bungalows and tents are low. You will meet lots of people here since this is a very popular place to stay at among tourists. You are never far away from the fun if you stay here. Go next door and have a drink at the beach club. Dance with all the other party people in Ios all afternoon and into the night.
  • Village HotelFar Out Village hotel is a little more price than the camping and less party orientated. This is perfect place for a more romantic holiday in Ios. It is built in traditionally Greek style with many different rooms to choose from. All with there own private balcony. Have a relaxing stay by the pool. Drink a tasty drink and enjoy the beautiful Mylopotas Beach. If you feel like having a break from the relaxing atmosphere of this place then just walk over to the Far Out Club next door and join the party that is going on there all afternoon long.
  • Far Out Hotell Spa IosFar Out Hotel and Spa is located on the hillside and not on the beach as the rest of the Far Out parts are. You have an amazing view over the beach from the spa and you will typically come here for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Test a massage or enjoy the view from your private balcony. Sip on a cold drink and relax before going to bed or joining the party in the Village of Ios Greece. This is the perfect place to stay for a complete vacation with both luxurious spa and a night filled with party on this crazy island in the sun.

There are a lot of fun things to do on Mylopotas beach. Much of it take place at Far Out as you have seen on this page. But there are mush more to the beach than just this place so be sure to read more about all of the other things that you can do on Mylopotas in Ios Greece.