Nightlife in Ios Greece

Mylopotas Far Out Beach PartyThe island of Ios Greece is famous for its amazing nightlife. The party starts in the afternoon on Mylopotas Beach with a beach party at Far Out Club. The music is pumping all afternoon and more and more people join in on the pool party as the afternoon progress into the night.

The nightlife is located in the village of Ios, called Chora, and the party continues there after midnight. The village is filled with bars and nightclubs offering one of the best nightlifes in the Mediterranean sea. Most bars and clubs in the core of the village is small, but there is room for many people since there is so many different bars and clubs in Ios. I recommend visiting Astra, Blue Note, Coo Bar, Disco 69, Flames Bar, Ios Blue, Pash, Rehab and Slammer Bar. There are many more bars in Ios than just those few.  But these are some of the more popular places to spend the first hours after midnight, maybe you will like some of the other bars in Ios better.

Ios Greece PartyLater in the night the crowd moves to the larger clubs located on the main road of the village. The most popular of these are Sweet Irish Dream and Scorpions Nightclub and they are open until 7-8am. The island of Ios Greece is a great place to dance the night away, then get some hours of sleep before you start the party all over again on Mylopotas Beach.

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Ios Greece has a lot more to offer its visitors than only the nightlife but as I said before, that is what the island is most famous for and the main attraction for many of the young tourists that visit Ios every summer.