Restaurants on Mylopotas in Ios Greece

Mylopotas Beach in Ios Greece has a large selection of restaurants with menus targeting all tastes. You can get genuine Greek food, try some Thai or even Mexican food. Many Italians visit Ios and therefore there are also many Italian restaurants on the island. Although I personally do not understand why you like to eat the same old food from home when you are in another country. Especially when the Greek cuisine is so delicious. Enough about that, here are some recommendation on great restaurants on Mylopotas in Ios Greece:

  • Drakos Taverna – A Greek seafood restaurant located at the end of Mylopotas Beach. It is down by the water with tables right next to the waves. They serve the catch of the day so you always get fresh fish. It is a very popular place to eat at among both the local Greek population and the visiting tourists so book a table in advance if you plan to visit.
  • Delphini – This restaurant serves both Thai and Mediterranean food. It is located at the beginning of Mylopotas Beach and is a popular place to eat at among the tourists that has come to Ios for many years. Here you can eat and enjoy the lovely view over this magnificent beach.
  • Harmony – As I said before, it is not only Greek food that is served on the island. This Mexican restaurant is popular among the younger visitors to Ios. Especially the working crews often gather here for an early dinner. It is located at the beginning of Mylopotas beach. Take a right just at the beginning of the beach and you will find this restaurant among the cliffs. You will have a breathtaking view over the bay as you dine here.
  • Karma Beach Bar – This place is located at the middle of the beach and offers an Italian inspired menu. This is a place to relax at during the day and listen to there chill out music. Although they do serve food it might be better to only order drinks if you like a little more Greek influenced menu.
  • Katogi – Another Greek restaurant. This one is not located on Mylopotas but is often refereed to as the best restaurant in Ios by its visitors. I will therefore add it to this list although it is located in the old town, Chora, a 15min walk up the hill from Mylopotas. This is a great place to tast traditional Greek food in a wonderful atmosphere. Do not miss this restaurant when you visit the island of Ios Greece.

That was my recommendation for restaurants on the beach of Mylopotas. I hope that you dare to try some of the local cuisine when you visit the Greek island of Ios and do not only go for the international menus that is also served here. Take the opportunity to widen your taste.